How to Improve the Value of Your Home?

Considering the turbulent state of the economy today, owning a home, in itself, is no longer a guarantee of being able to upgrade to a better one after enough time passes.

You need to create additional value for your property yourself. Your home can always be bigger, brighter, shinier, but your finances can rarely match all of your wildest dreams and ideas.

The key is to plan your investments gradually, if you’re not in a rush to sell quickly. Do the important rooms one at a time, while investing in quality materials that won’t lose value over time, and then add a couple of finishing touches when you’re finally ready to sell.

If you do too much work for too much money you can never be sure it will all pay off, but working gradually will make your home much more pleasant to live in while you’re still there, and ultimately make all your investments pay off once you are ready to upgrade.

Great Kitchen will Sell Your Home by Itself

Great kitchen will sell your home by itself

If you can’t improve more than one room, spend all your resources on the kitchen alone. It has become more than just a place to prepare food and eat in and it’s often the heart of a modern household. Just think of fancy dinner parties all of us like to have.

You need to pay attention to the aesthetics but not lose the functionality, while keeping in mind the current state of it and your budget. You can choose either to replace or to revamp your appliances, but the crucial thing is that your work area is easy to access and logical to work in. The sink, the fridge, and the cooker must not be blocked in any way.

Make sure your benches, cabinets, drawer fronts, door, drawer or cabinet handles are in meticulous condition, not rusty or chipped or stained. Absolutely nothing in your kitchen should be dirty or difficult to open. Follow a single color and style pattern, even if you do your changes one at a time.

Leaky sink or a rusty old microwave will leave a terrible impression on a potential buyer. Those are the details that can really stand out but don’t cost much to improve.

If you’re installing new equipment chose one that is most modern and up to date as much as possible. That way if you decide to sell after five years, your kitchen won’t be outdated and drag down the value. A well executed and modern kitchen can add almost 5% to the total value of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling Should be your Next Step

Think of the details that stand out. Get rid of old, rusty, leaky plumbing first, then add a big shiny mirror, a set of new taps, heated chrome towel rail, power shower with a big shower head, smart lighting, new cabinet fronts.

None of these changes require too much money or time. Glass screen or glass door are a huge improvement over the old shower curtain and it will make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

You should aim for a modern look and cost-effectiveness, and think of what DIY refits can be done with a bit of creativity and not too much money. Find a reliable worker to change your tiles and then add some wall art or a nice potted plant to go with it, to create a hint of luxury without spending much.

Bathroom remodeling

Try to Make Your House Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

This part requires more work than money. Clean all of your dirty windows until they’re spotless, unblock the gutters, trim the grass and plant some flowers, and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that blocks your driveway.

Make sure your windows and front door match your exterior well, if you can’t afford to change them, at least paint and polish them, add a nice doorknob, mailbox, house number, potted plants.

If you live in an area where parking is valuable, you need to sacrifice grass in the front yard to make another parking space and absolutely make sure you have all the necessary permits for it.

If you have a big garden, think of it as an extra room and aim to accomplish the feeling of flow and connection between indoors and outdoors. Glass door could be a good way to accomplish this if it’s affordable.

Good lighting and a deck are important; maybe install a nice barbecue set so your prospective buyers realize how much fun they could be having in that yard.

Don’t go over the top and spend too much money, big swimming pool looks nice but it’s not going to be used most of the time, and it’s not a good investment unless your home is in pristine condition even without it.

Once you get your buyer into the house you have to have a trick or two up your sleeve to really seal the deal. Energy effectiveness of a house is really important.

You should think of adding quality insulation, it will save you money while you live in the house, and, more importantly, if you don’t have it, it might be a deal-breaker for many buyers. Make sure your home is not stuck in the last century. Smart and strategic tech updates are going to look really attractive.

There’s no need to make everything in your home most technologically advanced since that can’t possibly be cheap. Just be smart and make tiny changes that are going to pay off, like apps for controlling air humidity, lights, or surveillance. This is something that appeals to millennial a lot.

After you follow all these steps and optimize your home to its full potential, you might not even want to leave it after all. And if you do, with careful planning and cost managing you’ll be able to afford a new and bigger home.

In any case scenario, the current home you live in is going to be clean, neat, modern, organized and aesthetically pleasing. Do whatever you can and know by yourself, and be smart when you hire other people.

If you hire a big builder the job will be done quicker, but the price will be higher. You have to work out by yourself do you want to save on money or on time.

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