How to Make Your Kitchen Look Beautiful?

In modern households, the kitchen is the most frequented room. Everyone keeps going in and out so sometimes it’s hard to keep it in pristine condition all the time.

A beautiful kitchen is all about good organization and smart utilization of space.

How to make your kitchen look beautiful?

Decoration comes second, your kitchen accessories should complete your kitchen, not dominate it. You must try to achieve “a triangle of functionality“, your sink, cooker, and fridge should be easily accessible, nothing should disrupt the flow of your work around them.

That way you’ll be able to focus solely on the preparation of all that delicious food you have in mind, with no unnecessary walking to avoid obstacles.

Here are 5 ideas to help you utilize space you have in the best way and to bring visual interest in your kitchen without spending too much money.

Be Smart with Your Utensils

Be smart with your utensils

Anything you use on a daily basis must be within easy reach of your hand, between 30 and 140 cm above the floor level. Place your trashcan underneath or below the sink, that way you don’t stain your floors unnecessarily while carrying trash.

A good way of saving on space in a small kitchen is utilizing free wall surfaces. Invest in a few hangers for your cutlery, so it doesn’t make a visual mess. If your pots and pans are neatly hanging they can even look decorative.

Hangers could have shiny metallic finishes, to add a hint of luxury, or follow the same color pallet as the rest of your kitchen. Remove everything that clutters your countertop.

If you can’t remember the last time you used your juice maker you should move it somewhere else. Only items you use most often should be exposed neatly on your countertop.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Paint Your Kitchen

Even though this step won’t create you any new space, it can make the one you own look bigger, brighter, and more expensive. Light white, ivory, or beige tones are a nice background that can be accentuated with details from any color scheme, warm or cold.

You can choose to make a statement wall in some darker bold color and add other small details like cabinet handles in the same color palette to go with it.

If you don’t have too much clutter that you want to hide, remove some of your cabinet doors. Paint cabinet interiors if you do that, and you’ll get new open shelf space. You can display your most beautiful dishes there to always see them when you need them, and to add visual interest to the entire room.

A new layer of paint on your cabinets can also refresh them, and even make them last longer. Even different stickers on a few chosen items of furniture might work, for example, to brighten your kitchen door. Choose some that are waterproof, because of the steam that’s going to come from your cooking, and easy to clean. Any colors or prints are allowed!

Look Under Your Feet

Floor For Kitchen

Floors are something we often neglect but if they are in bad condition no matter how beautiful the furniture in a room is, the overall impression is going to be bad.

If you can’t afford to replace them, hide them. Invest in a good rug to go in front of your sink for example. It will keep your feet warm while you work, and also look good. If you decide to change your floor, tiles are not your only option.

Today, laminates in almost any print are available and affordable; you can choose some that look like high-quality wood or even marble. Those floors are extremely easy to maintain no matter how much mess you, your kids, or your pets can make.

Let There be Light


Invest in smart lightning; replace your outdated chandelier with a great new pendant fixture. Use something that stylistically matches the rest of your kitchen. Since lighting is so important in any room, this one change can totally transform the entire space.

It would be great to find an option where you control the amount of light on the switch, for full brightness while you work but soothing light for romantic dinners and midnight snacks.

The lighting level should be able to reflect the mood you want to set. Under cabinet led lighting to illuminate countertops are also a good idea since just one bright light above your head can tire out your eyes.

Think of Accessories

This is very dependable on your personal preference, but a kitchen should look like a warm and inviting place. Snoop in the rest of your house for a couple of stuff to give you those finishing touches.

Potted plants like rosemary, parsley, thyme, and sage that you use while cooking, a small fish tank, candles to use for fancy dinner parties, nice bowls to keep spices in, your most beautiful cookbooks, maybe even some artwork you own.

All of that can have a place in your kitchen; just make sure to put them somewhere where they don’t disrupt your work. And be sparse, you don’t want to make clutter with those items you bring in, you just want them to be something that catches the eye.

Try to keep TV, tablets, and laptops away from your kitchen, because it’s supposed to be a place where you enjoy yourself after all. It’s all about the joy of cooking, sharing, and tasting food with your loved ones and enjoying it.

More some tips make your kitchen look more modern:

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